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Paris fashion week has a mysterious veil, days after Faye Wong appeared to C иж line big show local time in Paris on March 2nd. That day with C иж line origin is quite deep, the appearance is also reasonable. As the fashion circle of senior ICON, Faye Wong since the debut at the beginning of the 90's, is the fashion of the vane, which she holds the red single goods covers the luxury, high street and outdoor brands, days might take in everything in a glance. Love Faye Wong and C иж line C иж line Faye Wong and C иж line love began as early as ten years ago, when Faye Wong was invited to the brand, "Friend of the Brand" attended by C иж line Place de la Concorde in Paris at the 2005 summer fashion show. Then several times in C иж line clothing to participate in activities, cover shoot, even in her street and concert, also frequently in C иж line debut. So far Faye Wong has twice for C иж line, with the brand design director Phebe Philo (phoebephilo) cooperation is also called "double high phenomenon", a huge shock for the fashion. Maison Martin Margiela by Faye Wong Maison Martin Margiela For H interpretation of the M limited money down jacket has become hot in fact with chic style and unique aesthetic taste in fashion, Faye Wong appeal can not be, and she holds the red items are not only limited in C иж line, Veneta, Moncler, and Bottega H M, the luxury goods or outdoor, high street brand. This piece of her in 2012 through the Maison Martin Margiela For H M limited money down jacket coat, although at that time being laughed at numerous netizen and media as "the winter wrapped quilt", but undeniable is, by Faye Wong after the deduction, the clothing has become a limited edition of "war machine", was released on be snapped up quickly. Faye Wong foot Maison Martin Margiela transparent heels in fact days for Maison Martin Margiela the deconstruction design known brand is very popular, such as the brand's transparent heels had appeared in the days of the multi body modeling. Design designer Martin Margiela influenced by Japanese designer Wakubo Rei, had inherited fashion "old urchin" Jean Paul Gaultier, so you can understand why his work is so out of the ordinary.? MONCLER Faye Wong in multi field fit MONCLER down jacket on Faye Wong love for the MONCLER almost beyond imagination, participated in many activities in or out can see in MONCLER her, can be said that the Chinese people are familiar with and pursued this brand, is largely driven by Faye Wong to. MONCLER is the leading outdoor brand from France, its production down jacket come first on the list in the world, not only has Faye Wong as fans, Madonna, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and so on giant has added to its favor. Elizabeth and James2010 Spring Festival evening Faye Wong dressed in "Rainbow skirt" appearance remembers that rainbow dress the 2010 Spring Festival evening Faye Wong wearing? This dress from a "USA HKNPL machine" of the Olsen sisters (Olsen Twins) and American apparel company L "Koral jointly launched a clothing brand Elizabeth and James, the netizen that the dress in the America price less than 1000 yuan, however, this dress is still a popular pursuit. BOTTEGA VENETA Faye Wong has a variety of BOTTEGA VENETA handbags if on the day the love package, it must mention BOTTEGA VENETA handbags, said this had said that the days of good vision, from the most authoritative leather production: Italy famous luxury brand, to have the top leather family heritage of the production process, especially in the leather knitting and animal pattern is most famous, unique design but not thinking it is preferable to highlight the inherent taste, fashion has a proverb says: "when you no longer need what to express their own fashion attitude, can choose BV." GOYARD Faye Wong on the same GOYARD love was founded in 1853, the British royal family, the customer covers America president and the Russian nobility luggage brand GOYARD also is one of Faye Wong's most loved bag, this brand is the most prominent feature across the fabric on Y word patterns in France, traditionally, Y is the symbol of the tree and the tree again, symbol of man, this is composed of three V of the Y shaped pattern, the extension for the GOYARD family of three generations of men.